26-28 September 2022
China World Summit Wing, China World Trade Centre, Beijing

About the Summit

About the Summit

Building on the success of Design China Beijing's Forum, attracting over 300 expert speakers over the last four years, the Sustainable Design China Summit is an upgraded and expanded format to explore the design world through a sustainable lens, shining a spotlight on innovative solutions and material use for the built environment, circular regenerative strategies and ground-breaking net-zero design concepts that have new performance led systems embedded within the design process to guarantee real, sustainable innovation.

Why Attend

Sustainable Design Inspirations

Exploring the design world through six core themes, focusing on the architecture environment, recycling strategies, groundbreaking net-zero design and other innovative solutions and cutting-edge cases of material use, presenting insights into sustainability.

 Exceptional Networking Opportunities

Networking with the most renowned designers, industry pioneers and KOLs from all over the world at the premium stage for sustainable design, setting off the trend and exploring the blueprint for the harmonious development of human beings, cities and the global environment.

Unparalleled Experience

A brand new approach, presenting you not only the most brilliant minds in sustainability through the high-profile summit and workshop programmes, but also the latest design innovations from the leading material brands worldwide, as well as inspiring features.

6 Forward-thinking Themes

Designing A Sustainable World

  • Sustainable City & Communities
  • Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Case Studies for Sustainable Development
  • Urban & Rural Development

 Circular Design Thinking

  • Regenerative Design Actions for A&D
  • Circular Economy within the Neighbourhood
  • Circular Economic Strategies for Clients

Climate Changes Everything

  • The 1.5℃ Challenge
  • Green Energy, the Essential Tools for Reaching Net Zero: Solar and other Renewables
  • Incorporating High and Low Tech Solutions into Projects
  • Partnering with Renewable Energy Companies

On the Path to Net Zero

  • Exploring What It Takes to Create a Net Zero Carbon Property
  • The Net Zero Carbon Hotel
  • Carbon Neutral Construction
  • The Importance of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) in Design and Development
  • Meeting the Standards - Targets and Regulations


Building Sustainability & Green Design

  • A Material Choice. Sustainable Materials, Green Product Design and the Construction Materials Pyramid
  • Material Installation - The Curator's View
  • Learning from Adjacent Sectors
  • What Can Developers, Designers and Architects Learn From Product Design, Packaging Design and Fashion?


Nature by Design

  • Design Principles Inspired by Nature
  • Biophilic Design ecosystem
  • Biomimicry
  • Ecological Design
  • Materials Ecology


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Sustainable Design China Summit works with the leading medias and industry thought leaders to create a series of cutting edge webinars and digital events. It will be the best digital platform for the industry pioneers to discuss the issues, actions and the solutions that will enable us to deliver a more sustainable future.


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30+ Pioneering Companies

A showcase of products, sustainable materials, technology, and innovative solution providers.

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Exhibitors & Sponsors

Exhibitors & Sponsors

A showcase of the latest innovations in products, sustainable materials and technology. Maximise your corporate exposure and gain crucial insights into the future of China business.

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Iconic Venue

Iconic Venue

With a genuine sense of history and place, the Sustainable Design Summit takes place in the iconic China World Summit Wing in Beijing, where our expert designers and architects will deploy their expertise to create a truly unique environment to accommodate, pamper and entertain our guests.

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