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Materials First



Showcasing 100+ cutting-edge design materials from 3 fascinating categories


The renowned expert in materials and design applications, Chris Lefteri, is making a comeback with a captivating and upgraded installation - "Materials First". Get ready to be amazed as this specially curated exhibition presents over 100 cutting-edge design materials from 3 fascinating categories: Monomaterials, Waste, and Bio-materials. Explore the boundless possibilities of these materials and witness their incredible organic connection and interaction with design. Don't miss out on this extraordinary showcase of creativity and innovation - join us at the Summit for an unforgettable experience!





  • Renewable PA11 yarn

  • Q-Nova recycled PA6.6 textile yarn

  • Rilsan bio-based PA11 resin

  • Pebax bio-based PA11 elastomer

  • PA 11 powder

  • PA textile 

  • PA textile 

  • PA- nutcracker


  • Revive 1 recycled PET fabric

  • Rivet recycled PET fabric

  • PlastiLoop recycled PET resin

  • Oceanic recycled PET fabric

  • Reflow recycled PET filament


  • Recycled expanded PP foam

  • Circo recycled PP resin

  • Softell PP elastomer

  • Orion recycled PP textile

  • Society recycled PP textile

  • Curv self-reinforced PP composite


  • Elastollan® TPU leather

  • Infinergy® expanded TPU foam

  • Desmopan® TPU leather

  • Desmopan® CQ EC MB partially renewable TPU resin

  • TPU self locking strap


  • Haptex® 


  • Bandoxaldecor

  • Aluminium sheet                                    

  • Texturandum®

  • Hydro

  • Folded Aluminum sheet

  • AL forming (technology)


Bio-based bio-composite

  • Pure Mano soft touch recycled paper

  • BioBasedTiles made with bacterial growth

  • Cork composite sheets and blocks

  • Lifocork cork composite resin

  • Kollamat recycled leather fibre composite

  • Latigea PLA resin and wood fibre composite

  • Sulapac bio-based resin and filler composite

  • Arbofill bio-based resin and coconut fibre composite

  • "Metis Seagrass

  •  surface panel"

  • SeaCell cellulose and seaweed textile

  • Rise EVA resin and algae composite foam

  • Formi EcoAce renewable PP resin and cellulose fibre composite

  • DuraSense® Pure PP resin and cellulose fibre composite

  • Fibrolon® renewable resin and wood particle composite

  • Bio-based resin and cork composite

  • Bio-based PE and hemp fibre composite

  • Bio-based PE and olive stone composite

  • PP resin and oyster shell composite

  • Revo recycled PP and plant fibre composite

  • XCR5 rubber and cork composite flooring

  • WoodFill PLA/PHA resin and wood fibre composite filament

  • Valchromat® coloured wood fibre panels

  • PaperFoam® injection moulded cellulose fibre

  • OSB Color panel

Bio-based virgin biomass

  • PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N partially renewable PMMA resin

  • Makrolon RE partially renewable PC resin

  • Treva bio-based plastic resin

  • I'm Green bio-based PE resin

  • Woodly cellulose-based resin

  • Dryflex Green bio-based TPE elastomer

  • Crackle salt water pearl wall panels

  • Fixits Bamboo pouch

  • Mater-Bi® PLA resin

  • Translucent wood sheet

  • Terratek® BD

  • Accoya pre-treated long life wood

  • Ecologically dyed wood veneers

Bio-based waste biomass

  • Gmund Bier, Cotton and Heidi mixed fibre recycled paper

  • Seagrass carpet

  • Notpla Paper made with seaweed

  • Pluumo packaging insulation made with waste feathers

  • Corium bonded recycled leather

  • Tiikeri panel made with waste straw

  • Zelfo waste cellulose fibre

  • R-TWO™ recycled PET and cotton textile

  • Artificial leather made with plant leaves


  • SUVO volcanic pumice Vase


  • Green Applelec LED light sheet

  • Recycled PMMA 

  • Waste Yarn Recycled Decorative Panel

  • Waste Yarn Recycled Material"

  • Recycled Paper Fiber Board"

  • Mycelium Sound Absorption Panel

  • Carbon Capture Brick

  • Floral Grass Panel

  • Zero Carbon Brick 

  • Bio-based Paint

  • Recycled Carpet

  • Bacteria Brick

  • Mycelium Light Fixture

  • Mycelium Standard Box

  • Mycelium Urn (or Ash Box)

  • Bamboo Fiber Board

  • Carbonized Coffee Ground Panel

  • Fiber-plastic Flooring

  • Low Carbon Gypsum

  • Ceramic Recycled Permeable Brick

  • Hemp Concrete

  • Photocatalytic Wall Panel

  • hase Change Materials

  • Coffee Ground Brick

  • Fly Ash Recycled Glass Brick

  • Sludge Solid Waste Recycled Glass

  • Waste Plastic Turf

  • Milk Carton Paper

  • Natural Dyed Cashmere

  • Recycled Canvas

  • Mask Recycled Wood

  • White Wave Glass

  • Recycled Leather

  • Colorful Dots Film

  • Colorful Dots Mat

  • Corn Recycled Paint

  • Rainbow Recycled Sponge

  • Balloon Leather

  • Palm Fiber Stone

  • Ceramic Tableware Stone

  • Water Barrel Board

  • Recycled PVC Board

  • Carbon PC Sheet

  • Biochar Stone

  • Aluminum Cans Sheet

  • Garment Fiber Wood

  • Recycled Ceramic Tile

  • Denim Paper

  • Green Wave Glass

  • Beer Dregs Mycelium


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