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Led by the thought leaders, innovators and pioneers of sustainability in the world of architecture and design, the Sustainable Design China Summit presents 6 design webinars, focusing on the core themes of the summit.

The webinars provide the platform where the design industries can discuss the issues, actions and solutions that will enable us to deliver a more sustainable future.

In partnership with Urban China, the latest webinar took place on the 14th of September, 15:00 (CST), focusing on "Circular Design Thinking". Guest speakers include Simone Chen, Xin Liu, Dominic Ma, Ada Qin, Shi Zhou.

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Past Sessions

Building Sustainability & Green Design

30th June 2022

SDS x Wallpaper*


Materials are increasingly at the heart of the design process but choosing the best material for the environment will never be as simple as picking one material and saying it’s better than another. There are no clear boundaries between good and bad materials. Materials selection in relation to the environment is based on taking a specific approach and position as to which is best suited to which industry, which product, the lifespan in use and the expected recycling stream after use. Understanding and navigating these choices are the routes to being able to apply the best strategies for material selection.

SDS (Sustainable Design China Summit) Webinars provide the platform where the design industries can discuss and address the role of sustainability in relation to materials by helping designers understand what is out there to choose from and to build the correct strategies for applying materials. The summit and our display of curated sustainably focused materials will help visitors to navigate this complex subject.


  • A Material Choice. Sustainable Materials, Green Product Design and the Construction Materials Pyramid

  • Material Installation - The Curator's View

  • Learning from Adjacent Sectors

  • What Can Developers, Designers and Architects Learn From Product Design, Packaging Design and Fashion?

Guest Speakers:
  • Chris Lefteri – Materials Expert, Curator of Material Installation
  • Youyang Song - Materials Designer and Founder, @peelsphere
  • Mario Tsai – Designer & Founder, Mario Tsai Studio
  • Jiacheng Guo - Chief Editor, Wallpaper*

Nature by Design

14th July 2022 | 16:00-17:00 CST



  • Design Principles Inspired by Nature
  • Biophilic Design ecosystem
  • Biomimicry
  • Ecological Design
  • Materials Ecology

Guest Speakers:

  • Lei Linghu – Chief Editor of LOHAS
  • Dayong Sun – Founder of Penda China
  • Chen Liang – Designer
  • Jiajia Song - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology · Department of Design
  • Mingliang Li – Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology · Department of Design

Designing a Sustainable World – The Green City

2nd August 2022

SDS x Design 360


  • Sustainable City & Communities
  • Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Case Studies for Sustainable Development
  • Urban & Rural Development


  • Fang Zhong
  • Amber Cao
  • Jing Zuo
  • Lei Zhang

Climate Changes Everything

16th August 2022



  • The 1.5℃ Challenge
  • Green Energy, the Essential Tools for Reaching Net Zero: Solar and other Renewables
  • Incorporating High and Low Tech Solutions into Projects
  • Partnering with Renewable Energy Companies


  • Rufei Wang
  • Kesuo Wu
  • Lijiang Shen
  • Yang Shi
  • Xiuling Zhao

On the Path to Net Zero


31st August 2022

SDS x Urban China


  • Exploring What It Takes to Create a Net Zero Carbon Property
  • The Net Zero Carbon Hotel
  • Carbon Neutral Construction
  • The Importance of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) in Design and Development
  • Meeting the Standards - Targets and Regulations


  • Yan Wang
  • Juan Li
  • Chen Xv
  • Ang Li
  • Jun Huang

Circular Design Thinking


14th September 2022



  • Regenerative Design Actions for A&D
  • Circular Economy within the Neighbourhood
  • Circular Economic Strategies for Clients


  • Simone Chen
  • Xin Liu
  • Dominic Ma
  • Ada Qin
  • Shi Zhou


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