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Building a Sustainable Future by Design

The Sustainable Design China Summit being held this year in Shanghai, is an international forum for the designers, architects, innovators, and decision makers working together to build a sustainable future.

Some of the biggest challenges that we face today, in which design across all its sectors plays a fundamental role, is the implementation of environmental strategies to ensure a sustainable future.

As the parameters of design are shifting rapidly towards a planet-first approach, we are being led to question what we make and what we do.

We are living beyond our planetary boundaries; infinite growth on a finite planet is not possible, and to re-stabilise our planet's finely tuned eco-systems, on which our existence depends, we need to be guided by nature.

Scientists are cautioning us that Earth’s ‘vital signs’ are worse than at any time in human history, " Life on our planet is in danger" say climate experts, as they call for a rapid an equitable transition to a sustainable future.

The crisis in our natural ecosystems poses direct, near-term risks to most businesses. Business leaders can no longer afford to treat nature as a side topic, confined to the sustainability community.

Business as usual is no longer an option.  "Nature needs to be part of the solution" 

We can no longer stand by and passively witness the destruction of the planet's eco-system; we need to give nature a voice to be heard. 

"Good design must now consider environmental impact"

Architects, property developers and urban planners are the starting point for urban and rural developments. Therefore they have a responsibility to establish and embed positive environmental, social and circular strategies into urban development policies and building design. The design industry needs to prioritise the implementation of regenerative strategies, the minimising of carbon output and the maximising of circular strategies.

This is our opportunity to take the positive steps to future-proof the built environments of today to create a better tomorrow.

The 2024 Sustainable Design China Summit is a platform for thought leaders, architects, designers, and innovators to come together and explore the themes that will shape the future of sustainable design. During the 3-day summit, we will explore six core themes, each featuring a unique element of design's pivotal role in sustainability. 

Together, we will journey through discussions on the Retail renaissance: Mall Culture and Sustainability", Well + Good: The rise of Positive Impact Hospitality & Eco-travel, The economics of Climate change: how Green Fintech is revolutionising Sustainable Financing, Beyond buildings: Urban sustainability and Smart Cities, 3D printing in design: transforming the world of design and architecture and Future space: Where technology and Sustainability meet. 

Our aim is to discover what is possible and share innovative insights and actionable solutions that will shape a sustainable future, by exploring the potential of design to drive positive change.

Let us embark on this journey together and explore the path to building a more sustainable future by design for a better tomorrow.


—— Orianna Fielding

Chief Sustainability & Content Director


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