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Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 Features


Materials First

Materials First

Materials First marks a new materials display in Shanghai curated by world leading materials and CMF experts Chris Lefteri Design.

It is a curated display heaped with materials samples to inform and inspire visitors by putting materials at centre stage in the creative process. “Historically materials selection has been left to the end of a project but I want to invite visitors to start with samples, asking the question what can I do with this material” says Chris Lefteri. He explains that “materials are not just technical solutions but should be seen as characters in stories. They have the ability to change they way users feel and to create a rich narrative”

On display will be 100+ inspiring materials and interactive demonstrator samples applicable to all areas of design and curated to classify materials into three main groups exploring the world of materials and circular, future materials and new waste.

‘Materials are critical for innovation sustainability and design. They should be part of the process that is at the heart of the development of all product categories’ Chris encourages visitors to start with a simple question when visiting, “just ask the materials what they want to be”

Chris will also be running curated Up Close with Materials tours for visitors to Design Shanghai of his highlights of materials exhibitors. These tours will be limited to twenty places and details of where to sign up will be announced before the show. Alongside the tours Chris will be running CMF training sessions for a limited number of visitors wishing to sign up. 

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