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It is the first brand in China to focus on "integrated solutions for the application of permanent magnet materials".

"Magtech" uses a variety of magnetic materials to use scientific magnetic circuit design technology to innovatively apply to the space decoration.

Magtech advocates the use of "magnetic suction" scheme to achieve infinite circulation, traceless, non-destructive connection mode, instead of nailing, gluing and other traditional fixed intrusive connection methods, so that the user experience is more convenient and interesting, and at the same time, you can DIY the product experience at will.

At the same time, magnetic and magnetic materials are combined with clothing buttons and accessories to design a variety of magnetic fasteners, breaking the boundary between clothing and accessories, so that jewelry and clothing can be DIY interconnected and matched at will, providing designers with more imagination space.

Let more people experience a free and convenient life experience and the infinite fun of free connection.





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