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6 Forward-Thinking Themes



Driving Global Sustainability Initiatives


The Sustainable Design China Summit is an international forum for the designers, architects, innovators, and decision makers working together to design a sustainable future. During the 3-day Summit we will explore the sustainability issues impacting our world today. Led by the thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers of sustainability in the world of architecture and design, it will also provide a unique opportunity for participants to take part in discussions, ask questions and to network, making new connections in the world of sustainable design.


6 Core Themes

The Summit explores 6 core themes that are driving global sustainability initiatives

Designing a Sustainable Future

  • Nature positive design Biodiversity
  • Sponge Cities
  • Passive House design

 Circular Design Matters

  • Increasing the lifetime of your assets
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) tools
  • Materiality:- Innovative sustainable materials

On the Path to Net Zero

  • Net Zero & Net Carbon smart buildings
  • Carbon negative construction
  • AI driven Carbon data analytics

Towards a Greener Future

  • International Exchange and Integration of Advanced Concepts of Green and Sustainable Buildings 
  • Transitioning into Sustainable Businesses

Holistic Hospitality

  • Zero waste hospitality
  • Hyper local design
  • Holistic Wellness strategies

The Empathic Workplace

  • The third space- the new workplace
  • The agile workplace
  • Social sustainability/ building community


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Embrace the power of sustainable design at this international forum. Together, let's shape a greener future!

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