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Some of the biggest challenges that we face today, in which design across all its sectors plays a fundamental role, is the implementation of environmental strategies to ensure a sustainable future.

As the parameters of design are shifting rapidly towards a planet-first approach, we are being led to question what we make and what we do. We are living beyond our planetary boundaries;  to re-stabilise our planet's finely tuned eco-system, we need to be guided by nature.

"Good design must now consider environmental impact”

Architects, property developers and urban planners are the starting point for urban and rural developments. Therefore they have a responsibility to establish and embed positive environmental, social and circular strategies into urban development policies and building design.

The Sustainable Design China Summit being held this year in Shanghai World Expo Convention & Exhibition Center together with Design Shanghai, is an international platform for thought leaders, architects, designers, and innovators to come together and explore the themes that will shape the future of sustainable design. 

Our aim is to discover what is possible and share innovative insights and actionable solutions that will shape a sustainable future, by exploring the potential of design to drive positive change. During the 3-day summit, we will explore six core themes, each featuring a unique element of design's pivotal role in sustainability. Let us embark on this journey together and explore the path to building a more sustainable future by design for a better tomorrow.

Orianna Fielding 
Chief Sustainability and Content Director
Sustainable Design China Summit


6 Forward-thinking Themes

Retail Renaissance:Mall Culture and Sustainability 

  • Re-inventing the mall as the new centres of sustainability, community and culture

  • Transcending Retail spaces

  • Positioning community as the central pillar within the retail environment Read more

Well+good: The Rise of Positive Impact Hospitality & Eco-travel

  • Positive Impact Hospitality

  • Greening Hospitality: Sustainable strategies for  Hotels and Resorts

  • Creating personalised 'low impact - high experience’ sustainable offerings for the hospitality sector. Read more

The Economics of Climate Change

  • The economic cost of climate change

  • The role of Green finance in urban regeneration

  • How Green Fintech is Revolutionising Sustainable financing through technology Read more

Beyond Buildings: Urban Sustainability and Smart Cities

  • Designing for the future- innovation driven decarbonised architecture

  • Developing a circular technology platform for the Net Zero Smart City

  • Climate responsive architecture and resilient design Read more

3D Printing: Transforming the World of Design and Architecture

  • Instant architecture: Expanding sustainable design possibilities

  • How 3D printing is redefining design and architectural possibilities

  • The role of 3D printing in creating sustainable, resilient urban environments Read more

Future Space: Where Technology and Sustainability Meet

  • The increasing influence of AI-enhanced tech  and data science on urban planning and infrastructure design

  • AI led architecture- creating spatial experiences

  • AI- human transitions- preparing for a new reality in design and architecture Read more

Why Attend

Sustainable Design Inspirations

Exploring the design world through six core themes, focusing on the architecture environment, recycling strategies, groundbreaking net-zero design and other innovative solutions and cutting-edge cases of material use, presenting insights into sustainability.

 Exceptional Networking Opportunities

Network with the most influential thought leaders, designers, architects and industry pioneers from around the world at China’s ground-breaking event for sustainable design. Shape trends, explore emerging themes and discover solutions that will drive harmonious development for people, place and the global environment.

Unparalleled Experience

Presenting you not only the most brilliant minds in sustainability through the high-profile summit and workshop programmes, but also the latest design innovations from the leading material brands worldwide, as well as inspiring features.

Summit Highlights

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The Sustainable Design Summit not only convenes diverse perspectives from industry experts but also invites sustainable pioneers from various fields to meticulously present a rich and vibrant array of Features. Through creative expression, these features articulate concerns and visions for a sustainable future, while concurrently crafting an immersive summit experience that ignites multidimensional exploration of sustainable design inspirations.



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Materials First

Showcasing 100+ cutting-edge design materials from 3 fascinating categories

Materials First, presented by world- leading materials and CMF expert Chris Lefteri, will return once again, showcasing over 100 materials across three major categories: Waste materials, Bio-based materials, and Advanced materials. This feature will offer a multidimensional exploration of the diverse possibilities and infinite future of material applications.


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CMF UX Design Guide

CMF UX Design Guide

Chris Lefteri Design, is proud to announce the launch of the all-new “CMF UX Design Guide” in 2024. This comprehensive guide delves into the strategic use of materials to evoke emotions and enhance user experiences. Tailored for designers and decision-makers across various domains such as product design, automotive design, and interior design, the report uncovers the multifaceted impact of materials on user experience, fostering the creation of high-quality, emotionally resonant designs.

As attendees of Design Shanghai and the Sustainable Design Summit, you are eligible for an exclusive discount. Simply enter the code “DESIGNSHANGHAI” at checkout to enjoy a 30% discount. The original price is £500, discounted to £350. Upon purchase, you will receive a secure download link valid for 24 hours.

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Webinars & Workshops


Get ready for an exhilarating experience! Before the grand opening of the Sustainable Design Summit, we will launch a thrilling lineup of online and offline workshops. These workshops offer a priceless opportunity for the design industry to immerse themselves in sustainable issues, ignite dynamic discussions, and stay at the forefront of cutting-edge developments. 

On 12 March, 2024, the Sustainable Design China Summit partnered with THE CORNER to host a forward-thinking seminar, sparking in-depth discussions on one of the summit's six major themes: "Beyond Buildings: Urban Sustainability and Smart Cities."

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Past Session Highlights

Chris Lefteri

Chris Lefteri

Best principles for using materials in design
Fang Zhong

Fang Zhong

Low carbon rural and urban development
Hong Kian Lim

Hong Kian Lim

Building Cities, Shaping Lives | Sustainable Concept in Urban Development

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