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19-21 June 2024
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

About the Summit

About the Summit

Sustainability does not have an end date. It is a journey, not a destination.

Implementing sustainability strategies and measuring their positive impact even once targets are met, will require an ongoing commitment. Having a structure in place to enable the making of continuous improvements towards your corporate sustainability goals by setting positive environmental targets and measuring and reducing Carbon emissions, should form the cornerstones of every company’s core values and business strategy.

During the 3-day Summit we will explore the sustainability issues impacting our world today. Led by the thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers of sustainability in the world of architecture and design, the summit will also provide a unique opportunity for participants to take part in discussions, ask questions, network and make new connections in the world of sustainable design.

Orianna Fielding, Chief Sustainability Advisor Sustainable Design China Summit 2023

Summit Highlights

Stellar Speaker Lineup


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Why Attend

Sustainable Design Inspirations

Exploring the design world through six core themes, focusing on the architecture environment, recycling strategies, groundbreaking net-zero design and other innovative solutions and cutting-edge cases of material use, presenting insights into sustainability.

 Exceptional Networking Opportunities

Network with the most influential thought leaders, designers, architects and industry pioneers from around the world at China’s ground-breaking event for sustainable design. Shape trends, explore emerging themes and discover solutions that will drive harmonious development for people, place and the global environment.

Unparalleled Experience

Presenting you not only the most brilliant minds in sustainability through the high-profile summit and workshop programmes, but also the latest design innovations from the leading material brands worldwide, as well as inspiring features.

6 Forward-thinking Themes

Designing a Sustainable Future

  • Nature positive design Biodiversity
  • Sponge Cities
  • Passive House design

 Circular Design Matters

  • Increasing the lifetime of your assets
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) tools
  • Materiality:- Innovative sustainable materials

On the Path to Net Zero

  • Net Zero & Net Carbon smart buildings
  • Carbon negative construction
  • AI driven Carbon data analytics

Towards a Greener Future

  • International Exchange and Integration of Advanced Concepts of Green and Sustainable Buildings 
  • Transitioning into Sustainable Businesses

Holistic Hospitality

  • Zero waste hospitality
  • Hyper local design
  • Holistic Wellness strategies

The Empathic Workplace

  • The third space- the new workplace
  • The agile workplace
  • Social sustainability/ building community

Pioneering Exhibitors

During the 3-day summit, we'll collaborate with outstanding design brands and material suppliers in sustainability to present an inspiring exhibition. Explore cutting-edge sustainable materials, technologies, and solutions for endless inspiration. 


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Materials First

Showcasing 100+ cutting-edge design materials from 3 fascinating categories

The renowned expert in materials and design applications, Chris Lefteri, is making a comeback with a captivating and upgraded installation - "Materials First". Get ready to be amazed as this specially curated exhibition presents over 100 cutting-edge design materials from 3 fascinating categories: Monomaterials, Waste, and Bio-materials. Explore the boundless possibilities of these materials and witness their incredible organic connection and interaction with design. Don't miss out on this extraordinary showcase of creativity and innovation - join us at the Summit for an unforgettable experience!




Guide to Recycling

Guide to Recycling

"Guide to Recycling" by Chris Lefteri Design is an exceptionally well-crafted and expertly curated publication. This comprehensive guide provides profound insights into the prevalent material recycling processes utilized in contemporary product design, while also offering invaluable perspectives on optimizing the use of recycled materials and promoting continuous improvements in recycling practices for the future.

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Introducing New Features

Near & Distant

Near & Distant

The Sustainable Design China Summit, in collaboration with the Social Innovation and Humanity Design Research Studio from the School of City Design at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, proudly presents this brand new feature - "Near & Distant". From an educational perspective, the summit leads a group of young designers to showcase their highly creative, loving, and visionary works. The exhibits delve into three dimensions: time, space, and events, providing an exclusive platform for the budding talents of sustainable design in China to shine.

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Finland Pavilion

Finland Pavilion

In the exhibition section of this summit, we will present the "Finnish National Pavilion" special project, designed by PES Architectural Design Studio, with the participation of 9 companies. This project has received full support and coordination from the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in China, the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai, and the Finnish National Agency for Education.

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Webinars & Workshops


Get ready for an exhilarating experience! Before the grand opening of the Sustainable Design Summit, we've joined forces with authoritative media to launch a thrilling lineup of online and offline workshops. These workshops offer a priceless opportunity for the design industry to immerse themselves in sustainable issues, ignite dynamic discussions, and stay at the forefront of cutting-edge developments. It's your chance to gain valuable insights and supercharge your creativity, don't miss out!

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Past Session Highlights

Chris Lefteri

Chris Lefteri

Best principles for using materials in design
Fang Zhong

Fang Zhong

Low carbon rural and urban development
Hong Kian Lim

Hong Kian Lim

Building Cities, Shaping Lives | Sustainable Concept in Urban Development

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