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  • Xiaobao Han 韩小宝

    Xiaobao Han 韩小宝

    Founder, Beijing Arch-Green Low Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd;北京筑绿低碳科技有限公司,创始人
  • Xiaolin Wei 韦晓霖

    Xiaolin Wei 韦晓霖

    RGM of North China, Environmental Market Solutions, Inc. Shanghai;君凯环境管理咨询(上海)有限公司,北区总经理
  • Xin Wang 王欣

    Xin Wang 王欣

    Associate Director, Mainland China Architecture Design Lead, Arup;奥雅纳副董事、中国区总建筑师
  • Xin Zhao 赵昕

    Xin Zhao 赵昕

    Vice President, Yili Group;伊利集团,副总裁
  • Xuan Chen 陈暄

    Xuan Chen 陈暄

    PhD of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, Executive Director, SHISHANG Architecture;中央美术学院建筑博士,十上建筑执行董事


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