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  • Mario Cucinella

    Mario Cucinella

    Founder and Creative Director of Mario Cucinella Architects;著名意大利建筑大师,全球可持续设计领袖,MCA 建筑事务所 (Mario Cucinella Architects) 创始人
  • Mark Dytham

    Mark Dytham

    Co-founder of Klein Dytham architecture;Klein Dytham Architecture联合创始人
  • Martin Jochman

    Martin Jochman

    Principal Design Director at J A D E & QA;J A D E & QA首席设计师
  • Massimo Roj

    Massimo Roj

    Co Founder of Progetto Design & Build;Progetto Design & Build联合创始人
  • Michael Zhao 赵志勇

    Michael Zhao 赵志勇

    Associate, ARUP;奥雅纳副总工程师


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