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  • Eduard Ollefers 欧德玟

    Eduard Ollefers 欧德玟

    Head of Audi China Design,奥迪中国设计中心总监
  • Elaine Fang 方颖蕾

    Elaine Fang 方颖蕾

    M Moser Associates, Associate Director;穆氏建筑设计,副总监
  • Erez Ella

    Erez Ella

    Founding Partner, HQ Architects; HQ Architects,创始合伙人
  • Esther An 晏洁慧

    Esther An 晏洁慧

    Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments Limited (CDL) ;城市发展有限公司,首席可持续发展官
  • Ethan Yao 姚益

    Ethan Yao 姚益

    Managing Director, Design Management East China, China Resources Land;华润置地华东大区设计管理部,副总经理


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