Sustainable Design China Summit Programme



Panel Discussion: Customers and sustainability – The emerging designers view, who is asking for what?

Building Sustainability & Green Design


Abstract: Chunyi Xuan is the moderator of the Panel Discussion, Panelists include Qing Han, Mingliang Li, Lijuan Hong, Emma Zhang, Youyang Song and Dan Yang.

Chunyi Xuan 宣淳祎, Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF)Public Grant Program Director;北京当代艺术基金会公益资助项目主管
Qing Han 罕青, Chinchen Fashion Culture Shanghai Co.,Ltd;上海青陈时尚文化有限公司创始人
JanLIn Hong 洪丽娟, Guangzhou Wushan technology and Culture Co., Ltd Design founder;广州无山科技文化有限公司设计创始人
Glen Lee 李明亮, Guangzhou Wushan technology and Culture Co., Ltd Design founder;广州无山科技文化有限公司 设计创始人
Emma Zhang 张栩菡, Sustainable Lifestyle Brand 「BOTTLOOP抱朴」Brand Director;可持续生活方式品牌「BOTTLOOP抱朴」品牌负责人
Youyang Song 宋悠洋, Founder of PEELSPHERE ;PEELSPHERE创始人
Dan Yang 杨晓丹, MODERN MEDIA HOLDINGS LTD,LOHAS Publisher,General Manager of Modern Weekly in Beijing Branch;现代传播控股有限公司,《LOHAS乐活》出版人,《周末画报》北京地区总经理
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