Sustainable Design China Summit Programme



How are developers using sustainability in development and its impact on improving the quality of the indoor and outdoor environment?

Circular Design Thinking
Abstract: Doctor Lv Jianzhong will chair this roundtable with guest speakers including Jesper Jos Olsson, Allan Zhang and Hong Kian Lim. 1. Urban regeneration led by sustainability; 2. Rural development led by sustainability; 3. Perspectives from investor and tenant.
Dr. Lu Jian Zhong 吕建中, board member of Global Reporting Initiative GRI;全球报告倡议组织董事局董事
Jesper Jos Olsson 詹柏, White Peak Group CEO and Founding Partner;中瑞鼎峰集团总裁
Allan Zhang 张斌, SXTD CEO;瑞安新天地 行政总裁
Hong Kian Lim 林丰坚, Surbana Jurong, North Asia CEO;盛裕集团北亚区首席执行官
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