Sustainable Design China Summit Programme



Case study from material brands

Building Sustainability & Green Design
Speaker: Wendy Wang Space colour and Sustainability Speaker: Shelley Gao Creating a more comfortable acoustic space Speaker: Eagle Wang Abstract: Start from the cup of coffee in your hand and find a sustainable way to retrace your beautiful daily routine. 1. Sustainable brand stories starting from coffee grounds; 2. The direction of applications of bio-based raw materials; 3. Analysis of the consumer market for sustainable materials.
Michael Qi 齐隆森, Marketing Dealer Development Manager;佐敦涂料,市场渠道经理
Shelley Gao 高千钧, General Manager,SHANGHAI COLORBO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD;上海彩滨实业发展有限公司总经理
Eagle Wang 汪昱彤, KAFFTEC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd,General Manager;咖法科技(上海)有限公司 总经理
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