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Sustainable Design China Summit Programme



Carbon neutrality, carbon emission peak and ecological diversity practices in future cities

Nature by Design


Abstract: As a champion of urban ecologism and sustainability, Stefano Boeri Architett has always placed nature and trees at the heart of its research projects. With the completion of Vertical Forests in Milan, and Huanggang and Nanjing, China, they hope that these towers will not only be an important driving force in improving the natural environment of the city, increasing biodiversity and contributing to the achievement of the country's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, but will also offer endless possibilities for cities’ development in the future.

Stefano Boeri, Italian architect, Urban planner, Founding partner of Stefano Boeri Architetti.President of Triennale Milano, curator, critic and educator.;博埃里建筑设计事务所(Stefano Boeri Architetti )创始人、世界著名建筑设计师;三年展主席,策展人;评论家及教育家;佛罗伦萨市长首席城市文化专家顾问
Dr. Yibo Xu 胥一波, SBA China Partner/ Principle Architect, Studio Director, 1st Grade Registered Arch., P.hd Politecnico di Milano;博埃里建筑设计事务所(中国)中国合伙人/主持建筑师, 总经理, 国家一级注册建筑师, 米兰理工大学博士
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