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Tina Tang 唐尉荧

Tina Tang 唐尉荧

Founder, theTANG Hotel & EOSO Hotel;阿那亚 theTANG唐舍酒店 & EOSO雲頌酒店,创始人
As the Executive Director Tina has been involved since 2009 in the development of Handsome International FashionMall. She was responsible for the overall positioning and brand leasing of the mall. Leveraging the local manpower advantages through strategies of assistance and support, she managed to complete the entire brand leasing process for the shopping center in just 8 months. Taking into account the local market conditions, she formulated a business philosophy centered around "synchronizing wealth creators with the world." Over the past 13 years since its opening, she has consistently guided Handsome International to walk at the forefront of fashion in Northern Shaanxi's commercial landscape with a steady pace. In 2018, a serendipitous encounter with Aranya led to the establishment of boutique hotels that explore diverse vacation possibilities: theTANG Hotel, which embodies a new direction for travel, and EOSO Hotel, a coastal haven where nature, art, and design converge. These ventures have ushered in a new era of design and boutique hospitality.


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