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Stephan Nicoleau

Stephan Nicoleau

General Partner, FullCycle Climate Partners

Stephan Nicoleau is an investor and General Partner at FullCycle, a sustainable infrastructure fund that is accelerating climate solutions globally. Stephan founded The Astra Project as a climate program office designed to further material climate action in the near-term. Mr. Nicoleau is a member of the Board of Directors for Project Drawdown, a leading nonprofit organization focused on science-based climate solutions.

Mr. Nicoleau utilizes his unique positioning in the market as a policy aware, technology-focused, impact investor and advisor. He and the Astra team work globally to further climate policy and solutions implementation through investment and development. Stephan serves on the EOPA - US Department of Energy Inflation Reduction Act National Task Force, and is an advisor to several sovereigns and government agencies. He is a 2023 PiTech Visiting Practitioner at Cornell Tech, a judge for the Keeling Curve prize, and a mentor to many.

Stephan is also on the board of Monument Lab, a Mellon-Foundation supported nonprofit focused on past and future monuments. He has been a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum, the United Nations COP, Bloomberg, CNBC, Yale University, Cornell University, MIT, and his alma mater, The University of Pennsylvania.



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