Stefano Boeri

Stefano Boeri

Italian architect, Urban planner, Founding partner of Stefano Boeri Architetti; 博埃里建筑设计事务所(Stefano Boeri Architetti )创始人、世界著名建筑设计师
Stefano Boeri is a world known architect, curator, critic and educator. From June 2011 to March 2013, he has been appointed as Councilor for Culture, Design and Fashion for the Muncipality of Milan and the chief member of Urban Planning Consult Team for Milan 2015 Expo masterplan as well as the President of Triennale Milano. It is one of Italy's major cultural institutions, hosting art, design and architecture exhibitions, conferences and events. From 2004 to 2007, Mr.Stefano Boeri worked as the chief editor of Domus International magazine. From 2009 to 2010, Mr. Boeri served as the editor-in-chief of the international magazine "Live". Currently the editor-in-chief of the magazine "The Tomorrow". Mr. Boeri is also the founder of "Diversity", an international research organization. Since 2007, he was the curator of the Italian Architecture Festival and the invited curator of the main pavilion of the Venice Art Biennale in 2015,and as main curator of 2021 Supersalone. His famous architectural works include Milan's "Vertical Forest", the overall plan for the 2015 Milan Expo, the planning and architectural renovation of the World G8 Summit venue, and the Marseille Mediterranean Cultural Center. ;斯坦法诺·博埃里先生是世界著名的建筑师,策展人,评论家及教育家。2011年至2013年,他曾担任米兰市副市长,主管文化与时尚。目前是佛罗伦萨市长首席城市文化专家顾问。曾担任米兰2015年世博会总体规划人、命题人以及米兰三年展主席。博埃里先生自2018年2月起,担任米兰三年展基金会主席,该基金会是意大利主要文化机构之一,主办艺术、设计和建筑展览、会议以及活动。2004年至2007年,他曾担任杂志《Domus》主编;2009年至2010年,博埃里先生又担任了国际杂志《住》主编。目前是杂志《The Tomorrow》主编。博埃里先生还是国际联合研究机构“多样性”的创始人。从2007年开始,担任意大利建筑节策展人,同时也是2015年威尼斯艺术双年展主馆特邀策展人,2021年米兰设计周特别活动Supersalone主策展人。其著名建筑作品包括米兰的"垂直森林",2015年米兰世博会的整体规划,世界G8峰会场馆规划及建筑改造,马赛地中海文化中心等。


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