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Selina Du 杜杨燕

Selina Du 杜杨燕

Technical Director, BRE China;BRE中国技术总监
Ms Yangyan DU became BRE China technical lead in 2017. She graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia, majoring in sustainable Design and civil and environmental engineering. Participated in the preliminary scheme design of several projects in Australia and completed the project EHS assessment, carbon emission measurement, green building consultation and sustainable development building design, etc. Since her return to China in 2014, she has been working for a national agency, mainly responsible for the audit of green building projects, LCA assessment of building materials and carbon emission audit of buildings. At the same time, she participated in a number of national and local development and Reform commission supervision work, research and standard formulation work. Currently, she is responsible for BRE China's technology-related work, assisting BRE Group in launching its products in the Greater China region.


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