Robert Greenwood

Robert Greenwood

Partner MNAL/Partner, Managing Director Asia, Snohetta; 国际著名建筑、园林景观与室内设计公司斯诺赫塔建筑事务所(Snøhetta)的合伙人兼亚洲董事总经理
Educated in the UK, Robert joined Snøhetta in 1993 to play a central role in the detail design and construction of the Alexandra Library in Egypt. Since returning from Egypt in 1995 Robert has been deeply involved in design projects and competitions at Snøhetta. In 2006 he bacame a Partner and Design Director responsible for International work. From 2011 he has been Managing Director for Snøhetta Overseas with responsibility for International projects outside of mainland Europe. Robert has been active in Architectural Education in Norway, teaching at the schools in Norway, and holding numerous lectures and courses around the world.;罗伯特 - Snøhetta合伙人兼董事总经理。在英国接受教育后,Robert加入了Snøhetta,在埃及亚历山大图书馆的设计和建造中发挥了核心作用。2006年,他成为Snøhetta的合伙人和设计总监,并在2011年任管理总监,负责国际项目。代表项目包括中国上海大歌剧院,韩国釜山歌剧院、沙特利雅得 Qasr al hokum 地铁站,北京副中心图书馆,黎巴嫩贝鲁特黎法银行总部和沙特达兰的阿卜杜拉齐兹国王世界文化中心。自2018年以来,他常驻Snøhetta香港办公室,专注于亚太地区项目。Robert积极投身建筑教育领域,他在挪威的学校任教,并在世界各地举办众多讲座和课程。


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