Richard Hui 许志忍

Richard Hui 许志忍

Swire Properties (China) Investment Company Limited Directir-Technical Services and Sustainable Development, Chinese Mainland;太古地产(中国)投资有限公司 总监-技术统筹与可持续发展,中国内地
Mr. Richard Chi Yan Hui, as the Director of Technical Services and Sustainable Development Chinese Mainland (TSSD CM) of Swire Properties, Mr. Hui manage the overall issues on sustainable development (SD) and technical services (TS) at all the portfolios of Swire’s. He formulates company-wide policies on TS and SD and promotes them to be well implemented in each of our centres. He also supervises daily operation and working performance of all our technical departments of existing portfolios, while for projects under developing, he sets up organization framework for technical staff and give professional advices on the designs of system, equipment and facilities.;许先生负责统筹与总揽太古地产(Swire Properties)内地各营运项目的技术以及可持续发展工作,制定可持续发展及工程相关政策并督促相关政策、措施在各项目的具体实施进度。同时,他也监督各营运项目工程部门的工程事务和营运表现,对于在建项目,给出其相应的制度构架和有关系统、设备、设施的设计建议。


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