Michael Zhao 赵志勇

Michael Zhao 赵志勇

Associate, ARUP;奥雅纳副总工程师
Michael is an Associate of Arup with more than 20 years of experience in a variety of water design and management projects across the water cycle including flood protection, water supply, drainage and sewerage schemes in the US, UK, mainland China and Hong Kong. He is actively involved in Climate Chang and Water Environmental Research in China and internationally, delivering appropriate, functional and environmentally friendly sustainable infrastructures. These include the climate change resilient framework for Ningbo, the climate change resilience of water infrastructure in Wuhan, Shanghai Climate change rainfall impact study, and the risk assessment and climate change adaption tool for the Yangtze River Delta.;赵志勇是奥雅纳基础设施副总工程师,拥有超过20年的水资源及水环境、防洪、供水、污水处理以及供水、排水管网设计及大型水基础设施工程管理经验。工程经验横跨美国、英国、中国内地及香港。他还积极参与气候变化及水环境的研究,致力于可持续水基础设施工作,其中包括宁波气候变化框架、武汉气候变化对水基础设施的影响以及上海气候变化降雨研究、长江三角洲气候变化评估工具等。


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