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Mars Tang 汤振宇

Mars Tang 汤振宇

Engineering Director, Technical Services, Hilton Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;希尔顿企业管理(上海)有限公司技术服务部,工程总监
Mars Tang, Director of Engineering for Hilton Architecture, Design and Construction, Greater China and Mongolia, responsible for MEP, ELV, FLS, AV & Acoustic, Laundry and lighting projects of the hotel under construction (Inc. design review and approval, mockup room/site inspection, T&C process monitoring, defects rectification, and the project handover). So far has participated in the opening of nearly 50 luxury and full-service brand hotels, many of which have been voted as the Group's best opening hotel of the year. Committed to the hotel MEP energy saving design, MEP system commissioning before opening, and building management system (BMS) commissioning, promote the energy consumption of the opening hotels at the lowest level in the industry. Participated in the compilation of MEP, ELV, FLS, AV & Acoustic, ESG standards in Hilton Greater China and Mongolia, and presided over the compilation of energy-saving documents such as "Guest Room Lighting Control and Electrical Layout Guide", "Hotel Building Control System Design & Commissioning Manual", " Hotel Kitchen Exhaust project Design & Commissioning Manual", etc.


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