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Lapo Naldoni

Lapo Naldoni

R&D Expert, Mario Cucinella Architects; MCA ,资深研发专家

Lapo Naldoni, an R&D expert at MCA, specializes in computational design, digital fabrication, and 3D printing in architecture with a focus on natural materials. He has a degree in Building Engineering and Architecture from Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna. He developed his thesis focusing on mud constructions and robotic-informed deposition on tensioned fabrics, the work has been presented and published at the IASS Symposium 2018 in Boston.

He was involved in the R&D team of 3D printing companies and worked on this technology at different scales with polymers and fluid-dense materials. Mainly his research was focused on the use of soil-based mortar in 3D printing at the architectural scale and topological optimization for additive manufacturing.

He was a teacher assistant of Architecture Planning (Prof. Alessio Erioli) at Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna.

Within MCA's R&D unit, Lapo works on experimental and innovative projects related to the use of new technologies in architecture with a particular focus on the use of natural materials such as mud. The goal of his research is to empower the connections between design and the built environment through the use of robotic technologies.

Since 2023, together with the R&D department, Lapo has been supporting the firm in international projects and competitions at different scales.



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