Joe Iles

Joe Iles

Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circular Design Programme Lead;艾伦·麦克阿瑟基金会 循环设计项目负责人
As Circular Design Programme Lead, Joe’s role is to inspire and empower millions of designers to create products, services, and systems for the circular economy. Part of the team since 2011, Joe has helped shape the circular economy narrative, crafting stories and messages to reach new audiences and improve understanding. Joe has worked closely on Circulate, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circular economy news channel, events including the flagship Summit in London, and the Disruptive Innovation Festival, an online festival of ideas.;作为艾伦·麦克阿瑟基金会循环设计项目的负责人,Joe的角色是启发和赋能设计师为循环经济设计产品、服务和系统。2011年加入基金会以来,Joe一直在参与对循环经济理念的探讨,通过故事和观点增进不同受众对循环经济的理解。


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