Hong Kian Lim 林丰坚

Hong Kian Lim 林丰坚

Surbana Jurong, North Asia CEO;Surbana Jurong, North Asia CEO; 盛裕集团北亚区首席执行官
Mr Lim Hong Kian heads the North Asia division of Surbana Jurong. Mr Lim is a strong advocate for sustainable solutions, working to translate innovative and transformative ideas into built projects, and is committed to creating work that is “urbanistic, humanistic, and optimistic”. He is a seasoned business leader who focuses not only on architecture, but also on issues and challenges in the industry and profession, actively participating in major business forums and seminars, sharing and exchanging insights, and exploring new directions in architectural design.;林丰坚先生是盛裕集团北亚区的负责人。他大力提倡可持续和创新解决方案,致力于将创新和变革想法运用至建设项目中,坚持以城为基、以人为本、以悦为荣的理念。他也是经验丰富的商业领袖,他不仅专注于建筑设计本身,也具备全球化视野和专业客观的决断力,乐于分享、交流行业观点与见解,探索建筑设计行业的发展新方向。


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