Glen Lee 李明亮

Glen Lee 李明亮

Guangzhou Wushan technology and Culture Co., Ltd Design founder;广州无山科技文化有限公司 设计创始人
Glen Lee, the founder of the design, graduated from Beijing Institute of fashion, majoring in industrial design. He is engaged in product R & D and production, and is mainly responsible for the feasibility of product production and molding, as well as the landing and production of products.The two combined innovative technology and humanities, conducted experiments on innovative materials, and created products with nature as the major theme.;设计创始人李明亮毕业于北京服装学院工业设计专业,从事产品的研发与生产,主要负责产品的制作成型可行性,及产品的落地和生产。与洪丽娟,二人结合创新工艺与人文艺术,进行创新材料实验,以自然为大主题创作产品。


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