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Erez Ella

Erez Ella

Founding Partner, HQ Architects; HQ Architects,创始合伙人
Erez founded the award-winning studio HQ architects in Tel Aviv in 2008, after spending several years as an Associate at OMA (1999 and 2005) and as Principal at REX (2006 to 2008). There, he led the TVCC project in Beijing, directed the design of the second scheme of the Whitney Museum in New York and oversaw, together with his former partner, the design of the Wyly Theatre in Dallas. From Tel Aviv, Erez leads HQ Architects’ design work of more than 60 different projects currently underway in Israel and around the globe, that vary in scale and program. HQ Architects exhibit an expanding portfolio of work among various sectors, including urban planning, public spaces and infrastructure, a wide range of cultural and educational projects as well as offices, hotels and retail projects. Erez’s involvement extends far beyond the world of architectural design. Most notably he co-curated the Israeli Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Biennial of Architecture. Erez established in 2011 and led for over a decade, the ‘Mechanism of Design and Urbanism’ research unit at the Bezalel School of Architecture.


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