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Elaine Fang 方颖蕾

Elaine Fang 方颖蕾

M Moser Associates, Associate Director;穆氏建筑设计,副总监
Elaine Fang joined M Moser Associates in 2011 after receiving a First-Class Honors Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. M Moser Associates ranks as the top workplace design firm in China, providing creative workplace design solutions for Fortune 500, public listed , unicorns and other well-known companies,
After joining M Moser, Elaine was responsible for the company’s core advisory services. In the early years, she established the sustainability department from zero and supported M Moser’s global sustainability and wellness projects. Some of her achievements include obtaining China’s first LEED Proven Provider and completing over 30% of China’s LEED Commercial Interior projects. Later her role was shifted to design strategies, including developing new workplace strategies approaches such as wellness and business focused solutions. Since 2011, she has accumulated more than 100 architecture and interior project experiences for corporate workplace environments.


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