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Dr Martin Chu 朱毅豪博士

Dr Martin Chu 朱毅豪博士

Co-founder, i2Cool Shenzhen Limited & Member of the Green Technology and Finance Development Committee of HKSAR;創冷科技有限公司,联合创始人&香港绿色科技及金融发展委员会委员,第三届粤港澳大湾区杰出青年企业家,2022年”科创中国“青年创业榜单-深圳U30
Dr. Martin Chu, PhD graduate (supervisor: Prof. Edwin TSO) from the School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong, member of the Green Technology and Finance Development Committee of HKSAR, The 3rd Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area Outstanding,2022”Innovation China” Youth Entrepreneurship List - Shenzhen U30. His research focuses on understanding the fundamentals of heat transfer, energy conversion, and engineered materials. He strives to integrate theory and experiments.Incubated by HK Tech 300 program, he and his team formed the startup, i2Cool, to commercialize their cooling technologies developed in the laboratory for energy saving. Empowered by the self-developed and ever-improving products, as well as fueled by the highly adaptive and long-term strategies, i2Cool successfully attracted interest from various sectors of society, creating a significant social impact by contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality.


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