Dr. Lu Jian Zhong 吕建中

Dr. Lu Jian Zhong 吕建中

board member of Global Reporting Initiative GRI;全球报告倡议组织董事局董事
Dr. Lu Jian Zhong, board member of Global Reporting Initiative GRI and Deputy Director General of China CSR Think Tank. He has performed as senior executive roles for more than 20 years in a variety of industry sectors and multi-national companies, such as President General Affairs Essilor Greater China, former President China of The Weir Group, and Global Partner of Brunswick Group, Executive Vice President of Singapore RGE Group (China) and Chief Representative, Chairman of RGE subsidiary Asia Symbol Paper & Pulp Ltd, Vice President of RGE Subsidiary Sateri Group Ltd., Acting President China of BHP Billiton Group. He is a pioneer of sustainable business strategy and well-respected industry thought leader, with profound and systematic practical expertise and theoretical methodologies. In his roles of leading China operation in the companies, he integrated corporate social responsibility and sustainability into company’s strategy and day to day operations realizing social value alongside financial value, he helped the companies achieve business growth, operational excellence, and corporate image as well as talent development. Dr. Lu acquired solid professional expertise in enterprise management, commercial operations, leading corporate strategy, business growth, market expansion, organizational and leadership development, corporate branding and strategic communications, employee engagement, and company culture advancement. Dr. Lu is an invited panel expert of the China Federation of Industries and Economics Think Tank, member of Shenzhen Municipal Strategic Advisory Board for advanced manufacturing, Chairman of the Supervision Committee of the Shanghai Foreign Investment Association. He was former co-Chair of Sustainable Business Committee of Shanghai American Chamber and Shanghai British Chamber. Dr. Lu is a guest professor at the Nankai University. Dr. Lu is the editor-in-Chief and co-author of the book “The Road of Vision” which is a publication illustrating the development and success of Essilor (China) in China market.;吕建中博士现任大中华区事务总裁。同时担任全球报告倡议组织董事局董事、中国CSR智库副理事长、上海外商投资协会监事长。 吕博士是可持续商业战略的先行者和行业思想引领者,是《可持续商业思维体系》及《可持续商业领导力模型》和《CSR思想实验方法论》的创立者,并在可持续商业战略和价值创造方面有丰富和系统的理论体系和实践经验。他多年来知行合一,影响了一大批企业家、职业经理人和青年学子在实现企业可持续发展,营造商业-社会可持续生态方面,积极探索和实践,不断创新和突破。 吕博士曾任多家世界500强跨国集团及家族企业中国区领导,包括曾任英国伟尔集团(The Weir Group)中国总裁,博然思维集团全球合伙人,新加坡金鹰集团(中国区)集团执行副总裁,亚太森博(山东)浆纸有限公司董事长,必和必拓集团(中国)代理总裁。吕博士是中国工业经济联合会工业企业社会责任智库专家、中国CSR百人论坛发起人、深圳智造战略咨询委员会委员、和中国匠心企业家峰会组委会常务副理事长;《第一财经》、《经济观察》、《中国眼镜科技》等媒体的专栏作家。吕博士还是呈现跨国企业在华成长《视光之路》一书的总策划及主编兼联合作者。 吕博士获得澳大利亚墨尔本皇家理工学院电子商务学哲学博士,法国巴黎中央大学院工业及创新管理专业硕士,浙江大学化工过程控制专业学士学位。


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