Dayong Sun 孙大勇

Dayong Sun 孙大勇

Founder, Penda Studio Architects; Penda China 创始合伙人
Founded in 2013, Penda China is a Beijing-based studio that embraces innovative design. With the international exposure it has gained, the studio is a stickler for ‘LESS IS LOVE’ from an ecological standpoint. We strives to establish an agreeable rapport between individuals and their surroundings while capturing the zeitgeist of art, fashion and architecture. Our multidisciplinary practice covers a wide spectrum from architecture, landscape to interiors, installation art and such, and a variety of functions including culture, residence, hotel, office, transportation, business, and exhibition.;Penda China成立于2013年,是立足于中国北京以创新为宗旨的具有国际影响力的建筑事务所。捕捉艺术、时尚和建筑的时代气息,以绿色生态价值观践行“LESS IS LOVE(少即是爱)”的创作理念,营造人与环境的和谐关系。项目包含从建筑、景观到室内和艺术装置等不同类型,业态涵盖文化、居住、酒店、办公、交通、商业、展览等多种功能。


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