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Dajian Zhu 诸大建

Dajian Zhu 诸大建

Director of Institute of Governance for Sustainable Development, Vice Chairman of University Academic Committee at Tongji University in Shanghai;同济大学可持续发展与管理研究所,所长;同济大学学术委员会,副主任
Dr Zhu Dajian, his research interests include sustainability science, circular economy and low-carbon economy, urban development and governance. He was a senior research scholar at Harvard University in 2005 and a visiting research fellow at Melbourne University in1994-1995.He was awarded the special allowance by China's State Council in 2002 and the Circular Economy Leadership Award by World Economic Forum in 2016. He is a member of World Cities Summit Urban Resilience Knowledge Council in Singapore, a member of the Global Agenda Council under the World Economic Forum (WEF). And as Board member of the International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE) (2017-2018).


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