Chris Lefteri

Chris Lefteri

Materials Designer and Curator; 全球知名材料设计专家
Chris Lefteri is an internationally recognised authority in materials and their application in design. The work of his studio and publications have been pivotal in changing the way designers and the materials industry consider materials. His books include Materials for Design and six other titles in the Materials for Inspirational Design series. Chris Lefteri Design has locations in London and Seoul and works with multiple Fortune 100 companies. His studio is widely recognised as one of the leading studios working in the field of materials & CMF. In 2018 he launched FixIts, his first materials driven brand. www.chrislefteri.com;Chris Lefteri 是国际公认的材料及其在设计中应用的权威。他的工作室作品产出和个人出版物,对于改变设计师和材料行业考虑材料的方式至关重要。他的个人著作包括《Materials for Design》和《 Materials for Inspirational Design》系列中的其他六本书。 Chris Lefteri Design 在伦敦和首尔均设有工作室,并与多家财富 100 强公司有合作关系。他的工作室被公认为在材料和 CMF 设计领域的领先工作室之一。 2018 年,他推出了他的第一个以材料为驱动力的品牌 FixIts。www.chrislefteri.com


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