Bruce Chong 庄宏曦

Bruce Chong 庄宏曦

Director, Climate and Sustainability, ARUP;奥雅纳董事,东亚区气候服务团队主管
Dr. Bruce Chong, Director of Arup, Head of the Climate Services team in East Asia and technical leader for Resilient Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure, focuses on smart cities, resilient infrastructure planning, strategic resource planning and low carbon related projects in China and other East Asian countries. He is currently working on projects include the Hong Kong MTR Zero Carbon Strategy Consultancy Study, the Hong Kong Government East Kowloon Smart City and 3D Map Feasibility Study, the Hong Kong Government Spatial Data Sharing Platform and Built Environment Applications and Services, and the China Pilot City Circular Economy Model. Dr Bruce Chong is a Cambridge Chiffon Fellowship Scholar and was previously a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney.;庄宏曦博士,奥雅纳董事,东亚区气候服务团队主管,韧性城市与可持续基础设施技术领袖,专注于在中国香港、中国大陆及其他东亚国家和地区智能城市、韧性基建规划、战略资源规划和低碳相关的项目。目前负责的主要项目包括香港地铁零碳策略顾问研究、香港政府东九龙智慧城市及三维地图可行性研究、香港政府空间数据共享平台及建造环境之应用及服务,以及中国试点城市循环经济模型等。庄博士是剑桥志奋领留英奖学金学者,曾在悉尼大学担任研究员。


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