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The 5th Edition of Design China Beijing is officially launched a brand-new presentation with Sustainable Design China Summit

The 5th Edition of Design China Beijing is officially launched a brand-new presentation with Sustainable Design China Summit

June 22, 2022, Beijing—Today, Design China Beijing, the fifth edition, was officially launched by the team of Design Shanghai. Unlike the previous editions, this year's Design China Beijing will present a Sustainable Design China Summit (hereinafter referred to as the 'Summit'), with a brand-new approach. It will be held from September 26-28, 2022, at the China World Summit Wing Hotel in Beijing. "The Summit” will explore the world of design from the perspective of sustainable design, linking renowned guests and KOLs from all walks of life related to design through six core themes, creating a high-profile stage for sustainable design, setting off the trend and exploring the blueprint for the harmonious development of human beings, cities, and the global environment.

The Sustainable Design China Summit 2022 will focus on the architecture environment, recycling strategies, groundbreaking net-zero design, and other innovative solutions and cutting-edge cases of material use, bringing more than 70 design-related leaders, sustainability innovators, and industry pioneers such as policy makers, urban planners, theories researchers, and those active in the fields of urban planning, architecture, environmental protection, fashion, and consumer goods. The Summit will present insights into sustainability issues, explore solutions, and initiate relevant actions for a sustainable future together with an audience of more than 1,000 industry professionals on-site.

Commenting on this year's upgrade with the Sustainable Design China Summit, Tan Zhuo, Director of Design China Beijing, said, "We have always focused on sustainable development and innovation in the design field. Over the past four years, Design China Beijing has attracted more than 300 industry experts and lecturers, presented countless brilliant ideas, and built up a strong influence. This year, we are back with a brand-new look, offering a more professional and global stage for design-related professionals to discuss the long-term sustainability of the industry in relation to policy, culture, technology, ecology, and business. We sincerely look forward to the professional audience coming to Beijing for the offline 'Summit' from September 26-28 to explore the present and future of sustainable design."

Six Core Themes: Insights into the Future of Sustainable Design

The Summit will be a meeting of minds based on six core themes: Designing a Sustainable World, Circular Design Thinking, Climate Changes Everything, On the Path to Net Zero, Nature by Design, and Building Sustainability & Green Design, dedicated to promoting sustainable design. In the three months leading up to the Summit, a series of online seminars will be held in collaboration with authoritative media to provide insights into sustainable design issues.

"Orianna Fielding, sustainability advisor for the Sustainable Design China Summit, shared her insights on six forward-looking themes: "The Sustainable Design China Summit focuses on the environmental challenges we face by showcasing a range of cutting-edge innovative solutions to address the negative impacts of climate change and prevent ecosystem collapse. Creating new urban landscapes requires a comprehensive integration of architecture, natural landscape, urban planning, policy, and culture; by integrating these elements, the cities and communities of the future can become spaces that meet all the needs of current and future generations while protecting the earth's environment and promoting regenerative cycles - this is what we hope to achieve from the Sustainable Design China Summit. the six themes of the 'Sustainable Design China Summit'."

The summit will gather industry experts, business leaders, and academic elites who are renowned at home and abroad. Guests included Robert Greenwood, Partner and Managing Director of Asia at Snøhetta, a leading international architecture, landscape, and interior design firm; the world-renowned architect Stefano Boeri, founder of Stefano Boeri Architetti, known for creating the Vertical Forest, an exemplary global biodiversity masterpiece; Dr. Xu Yibo, Founder of Stefano Boeri Architetti, a world-renowned architectural firm known for creating the Vertical Forest, a global biodiversity model; Paul C. Hutton, chief regeneration director of Cuningham, the world-renowned architecture, interior design, and landscape design firm;

Lin Fengjian, CEO of North Asia, Shengyu Group, a world-renowned urban development and operation management consulting firm; Allan Zhang, CEO of Rui'an Xintiandi Commercial Management Company, a leading sustainable commercial property investor and manager in China; Rao Hong, Chief Planner of ARUP China, a world-renowned engineering consulting firm; Lou Yongqi, Vice President of Tongji University and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering; Zhu Dajian, Director of the Institute of Sustainability and Management of Tongji University; Du Yangyan, Technical Director of BREEAM China; Sun Dayong, founding partner and lead architect of Penda China...

More information will be disclosed, please stay tuned.

Special Features Panel: Focus on Sustainable Materials

The Special Features Panel, which is in line with previous Design China Beijing events, will also be presented at this year's Summit. Chris Lefteri, a world-renowned material design expert and author of "Materials for Design," will present "Material Installation," a curatorial exhibition of more than 50 different design materials. Chris Lefteri said, "The use of materials is at the heart of design, and the evaluation of environmentally friendly materials is multidimensional, based on the industry, product, lifespan, and expected recycling methods. By helping designers understand materials and apply appropriate environmentally friendly materials to their designs, the design industry can better discern and reinforce the importance of materials to sustainability. The Sustainable Design China Summit provides an excellent platform, and we hope to help everyone better understand this complex topic through this carefully curated 'Materials Installation'." He will also share his in-depth understanding of design materials at the Summit under the topic of building sustainable and green design.



Meet in Beijing in Beautiful Autumn: Explore more highlights on site

In addition to the six core themes, special features, and workshops, sustainable design booths will be set up at the Summit venue, featuring representative material brands and cutting-edge sustainable design cases. The exhibition is open free to the public. Whether you are a professional audience listening to the speeches or a white-collar citizen strolling through the hotel shopping district, you are welcome to come and experience and breathe in the "green" atmosphere of sustainable design.

"The Sustainable Design China Summit will be officially opened on September 26-28, 2022, at China World Summit Wing Hotel. Purchase tickets from now until July 31 24:00 to enjoy the early bird price discount. We are looking forward to meeting with professionals from the fields of real estate, urban planning, architecture, materials, design, and fashion to share the latest research results, collide with diverse design inspirations, exchange with insiders from all walks of life, and jointly promote the development of sustainable design in China.


Basic information about the Sustainable Design China Summit 2022

  • Time: September 26 - September 28, 2022

  • Address: China World Summit Wing Hotel (No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

  • Visitor registration link:

  • For ticketing inquiries, please email: or call 0086 (0)21 6407 9697

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About the Sustainable Design China Summit 2022

The Sustainable Design China Summit will be held at the China World Summit Wing Hotel in Beijing from September 26 - September 28, 2022. The Summit is an upgraded and expanded format to explore the design world through a sustainable lens, shining a spotlight on innovative solutions and material use for the built environment, circular regenerative strategies, and groundbreaking net-zero design concepts that have new performance-led systems embedded within the design process to guarantee real, sustainable innovation.

For more information, please visit the official website:

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As one of the oldest exhibition companies in the UK, Clarion Events, a leading global exhibition brand, operates a range of high-profile exhibitions and media products across a number of core industries worldwide. After completing the acquisition of Design Shanghai and Design China Beijing, Clarion Events has provided strong support and resources for these two projects to further enhance the overall strength and quality of the show. In December 2022, Clarion Events will launch the brand-new Design Shenzhen exhibition to pool more valuable design professionals, provide better services, and more business opportunities for global clients.

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