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i2Cool Limited

i2Cool is a tech start-up incubated by the HK Tech 300 Program at the City University of Hong Kong and Incubation Program at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

The team has successfully developed the world's leading passive radiative cooling paint with zero energy consumption. The Electricity-free Cooling Paint is the first commercial product that officially launched in November 2021. The paint uses the universe as a cooling source to achieve a cooling effect below ambient temperature through efficient solar reflection and mid-infrared emission.

This patented cooling technology is perfect for building & construction, outdoor facilities, and outdoor storage systems. iPaint has sales footprint from Hong Kong to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the UK, and the United States.

i2Cool is committed to integrating innovative energy-saving technologies into people's lives, alleviating energy shortages, promoting sustainable development and economic growth, and making huge strides toward carbon neutrality!



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