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waste blood presented by YUNFEI GUO

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
waste blood presented by YUNFEI GUO
The annual production of blood waste from slaughterhouses worldwide is approximately 45 million tons. These blood waste, if left untreated, can cause serious pollution to the environment. So I tried to use blood to create a material that could replace leather, as a critical reflection on the social issue of resource waste. From a professional perspective, this is closer to research in the fields of science and biology, but in the era of interdisciplinary integration, the relationship between humans and nature, as a complex and long-term proposition, is no longer limited to a certain identity of oneself, but should be broad and universal. In terms of design, I chose Mary Jane's shoes and pointed boots, which have strong cultural symbols and high historical recognition, as the design carriers. By combining blood as a new material, I aim to break traditional fashion boundaries, blend ancient and modern, nature and industry, fantasy and reality, and showcase a new visual impact and artistic beauty. This design concept is also used as a fable to discuss the contradiction between the right to life and industrial civilization, calling on humanity to cherish natural resources and pay attention to environmental protection.
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