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Unplugged presented by Weijie Peng

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
  • | Sustainable Design China Summit 23 English
Unplugged presented by Weijie Peng
In recent years, global warming has led to the frequent occurrence of extreme high temperatures, which has triggered a series of social problems. The most serious are the health problems related to indoor high temperatures that frequently occur among elderly people in areas where electricity is difficult to use. In remote mountainous areas and areas where power supply is difficult, local residents are unable to install air conditioning. They are unable to effectively regulate indoor temperature when facing extreme weather conditions, which puts them at a high risk of heatstroke. Similarly, in cities, many elderly people often choose not to turn on air conditioning due to their desire to save on electricity bills. However, the elderly, due to their relatively weak physical functions, are the group of people who face the highest health risk under extreme high temperatures. Therefore, this project aims to help them cope with extreme high fever without changing their lifestyle habits. I hope this design can alleviate their discomfort caused by high temperatures and help more people resist heat waves.
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