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Pest control products presented by Zhiguo Shao

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
Pest control products presented by Zhiguo Shao
Taking orchard pest control as an example, apples will produce a large number of defective or unmarketable products during planting and processing, and these products are usually regarded as waste. Although some of it is used for animal husbandry, a large part of it is directly landfilled or incinerated, resulting in waste of resources and even further breeding pests. Therefore, the goal of this product is to explore the possibility of additive manufacturing in the field of agriculture and the use of fruit pomace into pest control products. This series of products uses pomace as raw material, starting from material research, developed two materials for 3D printing, and processed two products that trap pests through additive manufacturing. It is hoped that through the development and application of these sustainable products, the dependence on chemical pesticides will be reduced, and the waste of fruit pomace will be used to realize the recycling of resources. By promoting and using these products, orchard pest control can be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, reducing negative environmental impacts.
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