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MOI Restaurant and Lounge presented by Finland Pavilion

Hall: Finland Pavilion Stand: 2-70
  • | Finland Pavilion
MOI Restaurant and Lounge presented by Finland Pavilion
“MOI” is a brand conceived, invested and created in 2014 by the well-known Finnish company and member of Finnish Chamber of Commerce- BD Technology & Culture, it integrates dining culture that embodies the essence of Finnish quality living and lifestyle experiences in Beijing. The first physical space of “MOI” is centered around the theme of a happy life inspired by Finland, emphasizing high-quality ingredients and the natural, organic, and healthy characteristics inherent in Nordic culinary techniques. With a core perspective of “cultural pluralism”, it aims to create a series of interactive, educational, integrative, and innovative experiences for its target customer group, seamlessly using promotion methods such as short videos, series and film programs, academic seminars, and themed competitions. It serves as a gathering place for the community of people seeking a holistic, happiness-oriented lifestyle.
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