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Garments Cube presented by Liao Linxuan

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
  • | Sustainable Design China Summit 23 English
Garments Cube presented by Liao Linxuan
The rapid development of the fast fashion industry, while satisfying the material civilization of human beinas, has also buried the hidden danger of material surplus. In the end. incineration and landfl of fabric waste become the end of fashion clothing. This has not only caused environmental pollution but also caused a waste of resources, which is the problem raised and to be solved in this case. By analyzing the causes and properties of fashion fabrics as waste garbage and the various status quo of the end of life of the product, the apolication possibility of a sustainable life of waste fashion fabrics is searched in advance; and the language based on the analysis of emergency resettlement space is clearly set Environment, combined with various attributes of space planning and space interface, pay attention to the spiritual and material needs of users, and discuss how to open the second life of discarded clothes. The goal is to change the status quo of resource waste and environmental pollution, create sustainable economic value, and improve the quality of humanistic care in special environments.
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