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Stand: M-16
  • | SDS22 Exhibitor English
FRISQUET is a 100% French-owned Company for three generations. The firm has been created in 1936 in Paris where the first gas boiler has been studied. The Company moved to MEAUX (in the suburbs of Paris) in 1974. In 1981, FRISQUET purchased control components manufacturer, THEOBALD S.A. In 1983 the Company started to export its products all over the world. FRISQUET has always been a leading Company concerning technology and security in its boilers. That is why in 1948 when the NF gas standard was created, the HYDROMOTRIX 11000 mth was the first boiler to meet its requirements. For 80 years FRISQUET reached to become a standard in its industry thanks to its product quality, permanent innovation, and FRISQUET ability to be listening to customers. FRISQUET have an image of seriousness and liability for the final customer and the professional fitters. FRISQUET share this image with agents throughout the world, who have the same idea of business: no shortage of quality or know-how.
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