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The Eye of the Future presented by Shuyang Li

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
  • | Sustainable Design China Summit 23 English
The Eye of the Future presented by Shuyang Li
"The Eye of the Future" is a concept camera based on the principles of bionics, inspired by the human eye. This camera operates in a manner similar to the human eye, capturing neural signals in response to changes in light and continuously storing and modeling them along a time trajectory. It produces a unique image format that does not exist in the world currently and can only be read through a future technology called brain-machine interface. Benefiting from its similarity to the human eye's operation, it directly transmits the neural signals of the subject to the brain's cortex, eliminating the need for visual transmission through humaneyes. This project aims to explore the future changes in image recording and understanding under the concept of sustainability. It proposes a potential artistic photography creation model that could emerge in the future. Empowered by innovative hardware, the artist transforms into a photographer of the future and creates a series of "Future Photography Artworks."
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