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Eternal Memories&The Red Tide presented by Shiteng Su

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
Eternal Memories&The Red Tide presented by Shiteng Su
After the disaster, the healing on the skin probably takes no more than half a year while the healing underneath the skin may takes a lifetime. The person in the frame who is sitting alone beside a small lake in the dune, keeps washing a cloth which stretches for thousands of miles and is covered with stains and cracks left from the disaster. People who has been through disasters want to leave behind those suffering experiences, but waters are hard to find and wounds are difficult to heal. We hope that we could raise awareness and console the broken hearts of the survivors from disasters. In the frame, there is a little boy who is born and raised on the seaside where red tides often occurs. Every time there was a red tide, he would come and watch the ocean happily, thinking that this redness was the beauty of nature. By showing the little boy’s twisted and unconscious aesthetic appreciation of the nature, the author establishes a conversation with the audience via this video and raises a question about what kind of beauty the future lives will meet.
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