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Deep Sea Bio-City presented by Shan Yang

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
Deep Sea Bio-City presented by Shan Yang
Life forms found in the deepest, harshest parts of the ocean have supplemented our understanding of where life on Earth came from and what possibilities lie in the stars above. However, these life forms are probably being harmed inconspicuously. Manmade persistent organic pollutants were detected in key endemic species sampled from as deep as >10,000 m in the Mariana Trench (North Pacific) and Kermadec Trench (South Pacific). That means Human-made pollutants are polluting distant parts of our planet and are extremely likely to harm species people know nothing about. Therefore, for ecological considerations, this project is an attempt to make a record of the deep - sea culture that has not yet disappeared.
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