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the cycle of rebirth presented by Yalan Dan

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
the cycle of rebirth presented by Yalan Dan
Design Instructions The design inspiration comes from the three forms of water . Clouds, Rain, and Snow are three kinds of the same substance that are converted to each other. Like the different stages of a product's materials from production to recycling. The three vases are mainly made of bamboo fiber and polylactic acid (PLA) mixed materials. The artificial intelligence is used to generate product models, which are produced by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing. This mixed material can be degraded by soil. Wood materials on used furniture can be reused in this new way. Materials can be reused in the circular system, as if reborn in nature. In the future, the non-renewable materials that will be replaced by mixed materials . And this cycle system will change our lives.
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