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Boomerang presented by Raine Yang

Hall: NEAR & DISTANT Stand: 2-22
Boomerang presented by Raine Yang
The design originates from the phenomena of sandstorms in northern China and the desertification of grasslands. It is committed to slowing down or resolving the early desertification of grasslands caused by soil nutrient loss. This product is a rammed earth brick made from discarded fruit, healthy soil, and grass seeds. By embedding this product into the sandy soil, it can help stabilize the sand, and later decompose into the soil, achieving the effect of soil enrichment. While being eco-friendly, it also improves the living conditions of desert plants. In terms of exterior design, we adopted a simple but highly malleable "boomerang" shape. This shape not only can be assembled into various forms as needed, but also serves as a reminder of the close cause-and-effect relationship between human actions and natural phenomena, aiming to remind people to reflect on and change their behavior.
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