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Stand: S-6
  • | SDS22 Exhibitor English
AZOOZOO design functional household products with humor, childlike fun, and other imaginative methods. AZOOZOO also try to integrate the minimalism of western design with the philosophy of Oriental life in Asia by using the combination of color philosophy and totem new art images and meet the diversified expression demands of consumers' real emotions through keen trend inspiration capture: Spiritual extensions such as happiness, sunshine, tranquility, harmony, and companionship. AZOOZOO believe that something new and exciting can happen at any time. The next interesting idea can become an immediate surprise and can be shared with you. AZOOZOO unique products can be found in art galleries, art galleries, and design fairs, as well as design stores in your area. AZOOZOO continue to look for new ideas, have a real passion for creation, and are eager to share with anyone who appreciates creative design. And AZOOZOO are committed to opening and sharing a simple, interesting, interesting, and practical life concept and way for everyone in the world of excessive consumption.
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