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Beijing Aofire metal decoration Co., Ltd

Stand: S-10
  • | SDS22 Exhibitor English
Beijing Aofire metal decoration Co., Ltd
Beijing Aofire metal decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It means to shoulder the Olympic spirit, pursue better quality, and let the enterprise inherit the craftsman spirit like the Greek torch. It has been put into production in Beijing, Fuzhou, and Xiamen. Open an experienced shop, a comprehensive metal enterprise integrating basic processing of source materials, sheet metal processing, technical solution, deepening design, welding of finished products, on-site installation, and after-sales service. A wide range of cooperative customer groups has given aoshenghuo a continuous lifeline. For a long time, it has cooperated with the designers of the design company to deepen the matching and docking programs, so that the design concept of "unrestrained" can be more perfect. As well as the trust of quality decoration companies, so that Aofire business grows faster. Some developers and enterprises trust us. We are more favored by key projects. We do not forget to entrust, keep Aofire mission in mind, and hand over one boutique project to Aofire customers.
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